Other Relevant Publications

Sourcebook on results based management in the EU Structural Funds (2013).

This comprehensive report on Results Based Management in the funds established to support EU regional policy draws on the insights of leading thinkers on results based management, including a significant contribution by Dr. Heléne Clark, Director of Act Knowledge on Theory of Change.

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A Cultural Use Study of Jones Beach state Park, Lake Welch at Harriman State Park, and Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park (2012).

Dr. Dana Taplin of ActKnowledge is one of the authors of this study, which was undertaken for the Alliance for New York State Parks as a means of building support for these major recreational spaces in the New York Metropolitan Area.

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Theory of Change Review: A report commissioned by Comic Relief (2013).

Written by Cathy James, this report provides a comprehensive review of the concept and application of Theory of Change in a development context. It makes significant reference to guidelines produced by ActKnowledge, including Theory of Change On-line.

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Building Community Schools: A Guide for Action (2011).

Prepared by the National Center for Community Schools, this is a comprehensive guide on building and sustaining community schools. It includes an appendix by Dr. Heléne Clark, Director of ActKnowledge, on Theory of Change basics for community schools.

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Equality, Diversity and Economic Competitiveness (2011).

This report was written by Eoin Collins, senior evaluation specialist at ActKnowledge and formerly Director of Policy in GLEN, an Irish NGO. Co-produced with Dublin City Council and funded by the EU Progress Program, it charts the linkages between equality, diversity and achievement of economic goals.

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‘Theory of Change’ in action

The Tavistock Institute invited AK’s director Helene Clark to present on the Theory of Change at their lunchtime talk series in the UK. The above link takes you to the page with an edited recording of the discussion, which was described on the website as “something of a ‘master class’ in the use of Theory of Change”

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Economic Insecurity, mental health and the economic crisis in New York City.Researched and written by: Veronica Momjian

Published by The Western Journal of Black Studies, Michigan, 2011

This report written by our staff Research Associate explores the relationship between living in an economically and socially deprived neighborhood and poor mental health.

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Equality, Diversity and Economic Competitiveness
Researched and written by: Eoin Collins and Kieran Rose

Published by GLEN: Gay and Lesbian Equality Network

This report written in 2011 by our visiting scholar and evaluation specialist from Dublin, Eoin Collins, focuses on equality and diversity relating to the grounds of Irish equality legislation, and the links between equality across these grounds and the economic competitiveness of Dublin City.

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Monitoring and Evaluation of Advocacy Campaigns Literature Review
Researched and Written by: Cristina Mansfield

Published by the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, Geneva, 2010

This excellent overview of advocacy evaluation includes a detailed description of Theory of Change and cites ActKnowledge extensively.

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