ActKnowledge acts as partner with community organizations, not-for-profits, foundations, and government agencies in a research process that illuminates how programs and policies actually work. ActKnowledge uses social science theory and lessons from the field to inform social action, increase the knowledge base, and enable everyone involved to clearly understand the expectations and outcomes of community initiatives.  It is our goal to use this action research approach to inform public policy, which seldom benefits from the knowledge and experience of the people it most affects.

ActKnowledge has developed a methodology for social sector planning, evaluation, and implementation tracking that is scientifically rigorous but gives organizations the participatory input and flexibility they need to work happily and effectively.  Our methodology is designed to the end that organizations become outcomes-based–that is, they organize their work around the outcomes they expect to achieve.  Our methodology comprises the following three related elements: Theory of Change, Evaluation and Capacity-building.

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