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Theory of Change Advanced Topics Brief Overview $20

We are re-offering, by popular demand, a very brief (15 minute) presentation on several topics that are “Advanced” in using Theory of Change, such as Scope, Comparison to other models, proper terminology and quality review.  This is not an in-depth presentation of these topics but rather a demonstration of what the topic means, why it is important, and how it is used. After viewing, please let us know on what topics you would like a thorough discussion.
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NEW! Everything you need to know about Theory of Change and how to build one in a short and easy webinar.  Listen at your leisure.
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Theory of Change Fundamentals $39

Learn the fundamentals of what Theory of Change is and how it can be used in any environment
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Steps in Building a Theory of Change $39

Learn the basics on creating a Theory of Change and how it can be applied
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Theory Of Change Facilitation: A Technique Around Problems $99

This is an in-depth webinar (90 minutes with q & a) on a methodology to use when backward mapping is difficult. This is one of our most in-depth webinars ever!
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Free Webinar: Theory Of Change Online Part 1 – Using Toco 2.0

Getting the most out of toco 2.0 – part 1
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Free Webinar: Theory Of Change Online Part 2 – Using Toco 2.0

getting the most out of toco 2.0 – part 2
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Fundamentals Of Theory Of Change (Toc) $45

Join the evaluation experts from Actknowledge as they introduce you to theory of change, an innovative and participatory method of planning and evaluation that allows you to explain and understand how change happens and why an initiative is expected to work.
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Fundamentals Of Theory Of Change Using Toco $39

this webinar will introduce you and your organization to the concepts and basic methodology of TOC for organizational development, strategic planning and evaluation purposes.
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Using Toco 2.0 At The Premium And Enterprise Levels. Free

In this webinar Dana discusses how to make the most of the new toco premium and enterprise subscription levels. The webinar will demonstrate how to get started with Theory of Change using TOCO, both to capture work done on paper in participatory sessions and to develop the theory.
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