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The first draft of Allentown, PA community schools Theory of Change! Working on it is research associate, Misra Iltus and Intern, Shazia Ahmed

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Eoin Collins and the Director of Theory of Change Japan, Yutaka Tanabe, discussing end of life and end of life care in Japan, as a result of Japanese society rapidly aging.Image attachment


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Thank you very much for your precious time and wonderful coffee! Eoin was so kind to have meeting with me from Japan.

Visiting Paterson NJ community schools today to begin work on their newest, highly competitive, Full Service Community School Grant, in our 9th year in Paterson! With Helene Clark & Misra Iltus
We are so excited to begin our first project in Madagascar.  We hope to help ADRA, an international relief agency, plan ways to mitigate the many, many barriers to good nutrition and enough food in the areas along the southeastern coast.
They can be seen on the map as Vatovavy Fitovinany and Atsimo Atsinanana