Get Access: Theory of Change Advanced Topics Brief Overview & Introduction To Theory Of Change

Theory of Change Advanced Topics Brief Overview

We are re-offering, by popular demand, a very brief (15 minute) presentation on several topics that are “Advanced” in using Theory of Change, such as Scope, Comparison to other models, proper terminology and quality review. This is not an in-depth presentation of these topics but rather a demonstration of what the topic means, why it is important, and how it is used. After viewing, please let us know on what topics you would like a thorough discussion.
Webinar is $20.00

Introduction To Theory Of Change

NEW! Everything you need to know about Theory of Change and how to build one in a short and easy webinar.  Listen at your leisure.
Webinar is $35.00


These two webinars provide a brief overview of necessary and useful information on what Theory of Change is and some advanced and critical considerations in its use. They are meant as an overview not an in-depth study. In-depth presentations, readings and courses are available if you wish to focus on any specific area. Get Both for $45.00

This is a recording of the live webinar.

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