Many people undertake their own ToC process but would like to vet they have done it properly and not missed anything, or have questions on how to add indicators, or use for evaluation and planning.

ActKnowledge offers an online review by a senior Theory of Change expert. You can send your file as a Word, PDF, or other documents or share a Theory of Change Online file. The ToC will be reviewed for proper use of components, completeness, plausibility, and readability. Specific questions for help are welcome.

Cost: A single review with written response: $150 (Free for Partners)
A back-and-forth review to improve the ToC: $500 for up to three iterations. (A purchaser can ask for a single review and add more assistance later if needed).


Online technical assistance in building your Theory of Change, including through Theory of Change Online, email or Zoom. Free for Partners*

Cost: $100 per hour.

*Up to 1 hour

Customized webinar for your organization

Customized webinar with our Theory of Change experts. We will work with you on developing the presentation and having our staff available for assistance. If you require one of our staff for your live webinar to answer questions from your audience, there is an additional fee.

Cost: $1500 for webinar set up and presentation. The price for a live Theory of Change expert: $700.